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Browse through the categories below or use the search box at the top of the page to locate what you are looking for. You can begin the enrollment process directly from the courses you find or using the 'Ask a Question' feature on the tab to the left. We will assign a Training Assessment Manager to help guide you through the entire process - from pre-enrollment to course completion. All Active Duty Military Veterans and First Responders receive special discounts on ALL our courses. Contact us for yours when ordering!

We are also unique in being the U.S. Affiliate for the Learning, Working, Management and TeachStyle Analysis Aseessments. These essential assessments can be taken by students fo any age seperately or as part of a course of study. For students, the Learning Style Analysis provides critical information on their individual learning and working styles that will enable them to maximize the learning experience. We are currently supporting Magnet schools with these to use with their entire student population with great results.

For more information on Learning, Working, Teaching, and Management Style Analysis tools and programs, click on the learning pyramid icons below.


The CAI offers customers the flexibility to use existing on-line, classroom, and blended learning courses as is;  tailored to their needs; or or to have specific courses developed on any subject.

The CAI brings the unique ability to exploit digital technology to enhance instruction. Our approach leverages technology enablers and provides customers access to CAI experience to use our services for training or develop their own in-house on-site, distributed, or blended learning solution. Select from one of our current classroom offering below or the Custom learning selection to be taken to our main website for more information. Please contact us for further information on how we can meet your specific training needs. 

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